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18 October 2009

Build Progress Summary
Its been a couple of weeks since I last published an update to this site. Unfortunately work has been getting in the way of my build and I simply haven't been able to find the time to update the site and publish what I have been doing.

The bottom skin is now marked out ready for glueing. I have lightly sanded the areas to be glued and it is just awaiting me getting off my butt and attaching it. I have decided to staple the bottom panel as I did with the sides. This will allow me to flip the airframe over and clean up any excess glue after the panel is attached. Weighing it down would mean I would have to crawl inside the boat through the front firewall to clean up the excess glue and as much as I would like to think I am capable of doing this, I don't think my physique will allow it. :-)
I have also built a jig to straighten out the bottom cross member at the 'G' position as it has bowed slightly under the compressive loads from bending in the side longerons. With a bit of luck (and time) I should be able to attach the bottom panel during the coming week.

I have also made a start on attaching the rudder post. This has proved to be a bit more challenging than I expected. I decided to initially fabricate and attach the 6mm doubler to the longerons. This has meant spending a few evenings of the past week measuring angles, calculating lengths and widths of the doubler, re-measuring the angles and then re-checking my calculations to ensure I have everything correct. There is a new page under the Build-Log menu describing the progress to date.

I have also created a new page (Previous Updates) which contains the update history from this page. If there is something you have seen on the update page that you want to find again you should be able to find it in the previous updates link.

Goals For The Coming Week
- Attach the bottom skin to the airframe and trim it to match the airframe.

Recent News off the KRNet
Most of the discussion over the past week seems to have been on the merits of different types of oil to be used in VW engine installations. Today Jeff Scott replied to an email about the merits of widening the Horizontal Stabiliser. Given I am just about to start on my tail feathers the timing of this email could not have been better. Jeff also mentioned that he has increased the chord of his rudder somewhat and has achieved much better authority from the rudder as a result. This is the first I have heard of someone increasing the rudder chord.

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