About Me

So who am I? Well my name is Gavin Magill and I live in Auckland, New Zealand and I've been into aviation, space and anything to do with technology for as long as I can remember. My early interest in aviation led me to join a local Cadet Force Squadron at the tender age of just 13 and to also join the local chapter of the Amateur Aircraft Constructors Association (now the New Zealand Sport Aviation Association) when I was 15. My intention at the time was to one day build a replica World War 1 SE5A as I had (have) a real fascination with bi-planes and the WW1 era of flying. Unfortunately like many a budding aviation enthusiast, my dreams exceeded my resources so I had to make do with attending local airshows and occasional visits to New Zealand Airforce bases with the Cadets.

As a result of my time in the Cadet Forces, I ended up joining the New Zealand Airforce at 17 as an Armourer after being turned down for flight crew because of my crappy eyesight. (I figured if I couldn't fly the things then I could at least still work on them). I ended up spending some 8 years in the armament trade before packing it in and leaving the RNZAF to work as a programmer and business systems analyst in the private sector. (There being not much call for armourers out in civvy street.)

While in the airforce I got into skydiving for a few years and completed around 160 jumps between 1981 and 1984. However in late 1984 I sold my skydiving gear and put the money towards getting my Private Pilots Licence. I completed the PPL requirements and passed my flight test in August of 1985 and managed to keep the licence current for a couple of years before eventually letting it lapse as marriage, mortgages and children took more of a priority in my life and finances.

Now it's 20 something years later and I am finally in a position to make good on my original intention to build my own aircraft. This decision was mainly brought about after I attended a Sport Aviation expo hosted by the NZSAA early in 2008 where I spoke with a local homebuilder who was just starting on his build of a KR1. Since the airshow I have spent a considerable amount of time researching the types of homebuilt aircraft available that a) I can afford to build, b) has a good online support network to refer to and c) suits my needs of a small two seat aircraft to allow me to fly around New Zealand visiting airshows and indulging my interest in aviation once again. The KR2S met these requirements so that is the aircraft I will be building.

I intend to build my KR as per many of the suggestions on Mark Langfords website but also including ideas from some of the other sites listed on the KRnet where I think these will work for me. I am intending to build a conventional taildragger version of the KR2S and it will use the AS5048/45 airfoil that has been designed as a replacement for the standard RAF48 airfoil that comes with the KR2S plans. The engine will probably be a VW of some variety but I have not ruled out building up a Corvair.

I have built this web site to record my progress and so other builders can follow my work. If you want to get in contact with me about my project please feel free to drop me an email and I will get back to you when I can.

Email : gavin.magill@gmail.com