Hi there and welcome to kiwikr.co.nz. This site has been created as an on-line builders log to track the construction of my Rand Robinson KR2S aircraft. Navigating the site is hopefully fairly self explanatory, basically the three main tabs above, each contain sub tabs which link to pages with related content. To report any problems with the site or to make comments or suggestions please email me at gavin.magill@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy the site.

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04 October 2009

Build Progress Summary
I have managed to get through a fair bit in the past two weeks. I got the port skin attached to the airframe and trimmed, filled and sanded. Also over this past weekend I cut out, scarfed and glued the bottom skins and also glued the rear shear brace in place behind the seats. I hope to attach the bottom skin over the coming week.

Goals For The Coming Week
- Attach the bottom skin to the airframe and trim it to match the airframe.

Recent News off the KRNet
Its been pretty quiet on the KRNet over the last week or so with most of the posts being general build questions but also including a fairly extensive discussion on the pros and cons of using Polyester epoxy versus Vinyl Ester epoxy for fuel tanks.
A couple of highlights for me was Mark Langfords description of his Perfect 10 Day. Mark's periodic descriptions of flights he has made and the cloud photos he takes certainly keep me inspired to continue working on my KR.
Also very interesting is a post just in today from Glenda McElwee giving a link to a new page on her website showing the assembly of her Corvair engine. Well worth a look. You can find the link at http://www.awesometrvl.com/fifth_bearing_corvair_engine.htm

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