Hi there and welcome to kiwikr.co.nz. This site has been created as an on-line builders log to track the construction of my Rand Robinson KR2S aircraft. Navigating the site is hopefully fairly self explanatory, basically the three main tabs above, each contain sub tabs which link to pages with related content. To report any problems with the site or to make comments or suggestions please email me at gavin.magill@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy the site.

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06 September 2009

Build Progress Summary
It has been a very quiet couple of weeks on the build front. I did finally manage to get out to the shed this weekend and have started to move ahead with getting ready to skin the fuselage. I am making some final adjustments to the fuselage frame to get a better fit of the skin to the frame.

Goals For The Next Couple Of Weeks
- Glue the port skin to the fuselage frame.
- Trim the port skin to match the fuselage frame.
- Glue the starboard skin to the fuselage frame.
- Trim the starboard skin to match the fuselage frame.
- Cut and glue together the bottom skin for the fuselage.

Recent News off the KRNet
Darren Crompton announced his new online business selling AN Bolts and spares to Australian based aircraft builders. Link - http://www.an-bolts.com.au

The buildup to The Gathering at Mt Vernon, IL, USA on the weekend of September 18-19, 2009 is gathering pace. Link - http://www.krgathering.org

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