Sonex ZK-JQP

In May 2010 I was offered the opportunity to take up a syndicate share in a Sonex aircraft that was being sold by its owner. Given the similarities between the Sonex and the KR2S (ie. side by side seating, conventional undercarriage, low wing monoplane, VW derivative engine), I jumped at the opportunity to join as it would be a quick and relatively cheap means of getting back into flying once I renew my Private Pilots licence.
The links on this page will show JQP, any work we do on her and any flights myself or the other synidcate members may take her away on.

Meeting JQP
08 May 2010

Handover Day
30 May 2010

Control Changes
13 Jun 2010

Post Inspection
04 Jul 2010

Spats Removal
17 Sept 2010

Rating Time