Interesting Aviation Articles

Below are links to interesting articles, images and cartoons I have found or seen on the web and all with an aviation based theme. I am always looking for more so if you find something you think others would enjoy please send me the link.

Onex Flies
Single Seat Fun!

Split Cycle Engine
Aero engine maybe?

Electric Sonex
It lives.

500mph at 50ft
Gotta be Reno.

Kitset jet - yeehaa.

Electric CRI-CRI
Parisian power

Alphajet & Mirage
Amazing flying imagery.

Rules Of The Air
Helpful pointers for pilots.

Corvair Symphony
Corvairs on takeoff.
Great aviation photography.

The 19ft Takeoff
Alaskan Bush Pilot playing.

Tiny Aeroplanes
Worlds smallest planes.

A great read.

The ELIPPSE Propellor
Paul Lipps Propellor.

405 The Movie
An oldie but a goodie.

747 Firefighter
Fahrenheit 747.

Air Racer
A movie I want to see.

A Pilots Story
Another movie to see.

One Six Right
And another movie.

Electric Aviation
History at AirVenture09.

Dony Permedi's creation.

I Came, I Saw, I Lost
Oshkosh dreaming.

Smartfish Technology
Interesting design.

House boat anyone?
Just because...

Plug and Fly
Dony Permedi's creation.

The Glass Cockpit
When glass was new.