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13 September 2009

Build Progress Summary
I spent this past weekend (12-13 Sept) attaching the port skin of the fuselage to the airframe. I had a mate, Murray Lee - who is into aviation and planes as much as I am, come over and give me a hand but unfortunately we had a bit of a mishap on the Saturday with the batch of glue we were using going off after just 20 minutes after we were only part way through applying the glue. This caused us a bit of grief but we managed to sort it out and get back on track by Sunday afternoon.

Goals For The Coming Week
- Trim the port skin to match the fuselage frame.
- Glue the starboard skin to the fuselage frame.
- Trim the starboard skin to match the fuselage frame.
- Cut and glue together the bottom skin for the fuselage.

Recent News off the KRNet
Many of the US based KR Netters have begun preparations for travelling to the KR Gathering at Mt Vernon, IL, USA for this coming weekend. (Sept 18-19). I am jealous as all hell and I hope to join them at next years Gathering wherever that may be. Have fun guys. Link - http://www.krgathering.org

Barry Kruyssen announced the return to flight of his KR2 after his crash 3 years, 4 months ago. Barry is based in Cairns, Australia and his web page can be found at http://www.athertonairport.com.au/kr2/index.html.

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