Post Inspection Work - 04 July 2010

After making the changes to the throttle, mixture and trim controls we then needed to get everything inspected. Mike Tunnicliffe kindly offered to do the inspection and the results of this were to correct a couple of things Mike picked up on as well as finish off the paperwork to convert the aircraft from Exprimental category to a Class 2 Microlight. Once this work was completed Mike was able to issue JQP with a Microlight Annual Condition Inspection sticker and the aircraft was legal to fly.

The pictures below cover the changes Mike requested.

Note that after the work was completed, Alan Coubray test flew JQP a couple of weeks later and was pretty happy with it. He also took the instructor who will be rating us on JQP for a flight and he has requested some more work to be completed. This will be carried out in the next month or so.

Mike asked us to safety wire the rear trim balance spring in case the Clip came loose.

He also asked us to wrap the throttle and mixture cables where they rubbed up against the fuel tank.

Mike also asked us to add some more placards to the instrument panel which specified the engine and aircraft limits.
While doing this I also took the opportunity to rearrange the placards so we could fit the GPS back onto the panel.
As it currently stands it will fit on the bottom right of the panel.

The last thing I did was replace the GPS power cable and re-route this cable and the aerial cable over to the right hand side of the panel so when the GPS is fitted the cables will reach the unit. At the moment the cables are secured with a handy bulldog clip but I will change this to a more appropriate mounting at a later point.