Handover Day - Whitianga Airport 30 May 2010

After a couple of hectic weeks organising the contract for the syndicate and finances for the purchase, the official handover of the aircraft from Alan Coubray occured on Sunday the 30th of May in Whitianga.

Bruce Turner and his wife Dawn, who are both members of the syndicate, live on Whitianga airfield and we all met at their house to sign the agreement. While we were there Dawn and Paul Blackmore, another syndicate member and who is also building a Sonex, both went for a fly.

It was a excellent day and it was a great feeling to take ownership of the Sonex. The plan is that the aircraft is to be modified to a sport trainer version of the Sonex which will enable it to be used for training those members of the syndicate who have yet to learn to fly. The changes will be undertaken over the next couple of months.

The pictures below are from the flights on the handover day.

Paul Blackmore gets some advice from Alan Coubray on strapping in.

Paul looking forward to his flight. Alan is putting away the fuel sampler while Sandy Wilson,
another of the syndicate members, looks on in the background.

Alan and Paul taxi out to the runway. As you can see the houses at Whitianga airfield are built
right on the side of the runway. In the background are standing Bruce Turner and Chris Wade.

Alan gives us a low pass down the runway.

A side on view of the low pass.

After touchdown I don't know who had the bigger smile.

And after Paul got out of the plane, Dawn got in to also have a flight.