SportAvex Day 3 - 7th Feb 2010

Sunday the 7th of February dawned clear, sunny and hot. Chris, Murray and I once more headed off to the airfield to enjoy yet another day of planes and flying.

Sitting on the deck at the aeroclub, this Sirocco started up and taxied out. I read in a recent NZ Aviation magazine that this aircraft has recently come out of a major restoration and modernisation which included the fitting of a new canopy. It is certainly a very attractive aircraft.

After sitting at the aero club for a while, Chris headed off to meet up with his family who had come to the airshow for the day while Murray and I decided to wander through the display areas before the day got too hot. These are some of the aircraft from the SAA display.

The Jodel was immaculate.

Harry Harris's KR2 was sitting pretty in a hangar round the corner.

Meanwhile out on the flightline this Air-Cam was awaiting its turn to display it unique features.

And this Akrotech G202 rolled past on its way out to show off its considerable abilities.

Having had enough of the heat and crowds, Murray and I headed back to the Tauranga Aeroclub end of the airfield where we found this beautiful Pulsar sitting out in front of the Aeroclub.

The cockpit of the Pulsar is laid very much how I want my KR to look except for a more modern instrument panel.

Next up the Yak display team took off.

And they were followed by this Catalina.

Next it was the Mk IX Spitfires turn.

Such a beautiful sight and sound.

Down at the Aeroclub end of the airfield we were able to go out to the end of the flightline of aircraft and sit under the wing of a nearby Cessna and watch the display aircraft as they taxied out. This photo and the ones that follow are some of the aircraft that taxied past. It was a real privilege to be able to get this close to such beautiful aircraft. The P51 Mustang.

The sound of that big Merlin winding up sends shivers down your spine.

Winding up for a low pass down the runway.

And as the Mustang completed its low pass these two P40's came trundling up the taxiway towards us.

Known as the Kittyhawk when it served with the New Zealand Air Force during WWII, these aircraft are regulars on the NZ display circuit.

Kittyhawks also served with Royal Australian Air Force during WWII in the Pacific theatre.

Next up this DC3 gave a great display.

Meanwhile down on the ground it was the turn of the kit builts to show their stuff. A Titan T-51.

A WAR 1/3 scale replica FW-190.

Back to the warbirds and this gorgeous Corsair made its way out to the end of the runway.

A graphic demostration of why this aircraft needed the cranked wings to keep the prop clear of the ground.

Not the best picture I have ever taken but I think it graphically shows the awesome beauty of this aircraft.

At the end of a very spirited display the Corsair coming into land with everything hanging out.

As the Corsair taxied back to the hardstand the Roaring Forty's Harvard display team taxied out.

The five Harvards of the Roaring Forty's display team.

Next up it was the turn of the jet warbirds to strut their stuff. First the Vampire.

Then this L39 Albatros Jet Trainer.

The two jets then did a very nice routine together.

As the jets went through their routine the Corsair taxied past once again in preparation for the final mass warbird display.

The Corsair was followed by the P-51 Mustang.

The P51 and the Corsair were joined by the two P40's for the final display routine of the airshow.
All in all a great airshow and a great weekend. Can't wait till the next SportAvex in two years time.