SportAvex Day2 - 6th Feb 2010

Day two dawned warm and a little cloudy. Chris and I headed over to the Tauranga Airfield as soon as possible for breakfast at the Tauranga Aero Club hanger and then attended a couple of lectures organised as part of the SportAvex event. Afterwards we headed over to the airshow area to view the displays. The Saturday was the practice day for the airshow on Sunday so there was lots of chances to get up close to the aircraft without the usual crowds.

This Mk IX Spitfire has been restored locally in New Zealand in the colours of Al Deere, one of the most successful NZ pilots who flew during the Battle of Britain and throughout WWII for the RAF. The machine is currently hangered, maintained and flown by the RNZAF.

As we stood looking at the Spitfire the Roaring 40's Harvard team ran in for their display.

A bit further along the flight line this Thunder Mustang stood waiting its turn to taxi out for its display.

Then this NZ Warbirds Trojan rumbled past on its way out to the airfield.

This BF 108 was parked further along waiting its turn for the display.

Meanwhile over in the static display area the Furio was parked up looking beautiful as ever. This carbon fibre composite design is manufactured and sold in NZ as a kit which can be purchased and built with or without a builder assistance program. There are only a very small number of main airframe components so it is very quick to assemble. The lines of the canopy are very similar to what I want to achieve in my KR.

Over in the hangars behind the display area were a number of other aircraft being displayed including this Vari-eze.
This is a three seat variant and as with most Rutan designs has very nice lines.

And tucked in behind was this BD-5.

Also in the hangar was this highly modified Rutan design which is being experimentally re-engined with a turbojet engine.
Should make for an exciting ride.

By this stage of the day it was starting to get very warm so Chris and I decided to beat a retreat back to the shade and relative cool of the Tauranga Aeroclub hangar. As we headed back we passed this collection of jets parked up by the Tauranga Tower awaiting their turn for display. To the left is a L300, to the right a Dragonfly and in behind a Vampire.

Closer to the aeroclub hanger these two Tiger Moths were sitting pretty in the noonday sun.

And in the hangar next to them sat this MiniCab.

...and another Tiger Moth.

...and this gorgeous SportCruiser.

Meanwhile outside the practice day was coming to end. This P40 rolled past after completing its routine.

With the main part of the day over, Chris and I drove back to the unit we had rented for the weekend to have a swim and freshen up before heading back to the airfield for the BBQ dinner being hosted by the Tauranga Aeroclub. By this time Chris and I had been joined by out mutual friend Murray Lee who is also hopelessly infatuated with aeroplanes and flying as much as we are. Back at the airfield we sat and enjoyed an amber beverage along with the many other folk there for the weekend and watched our BBQ meal being prepared.

This seat was in the fenced off area next to the aeroclub. It appealed to me the way it was arranged to look out over the aircraft parked in front of the aeroclub hangar.

And as if the day had not already provided us with enough great sights, the Tiger Moth owners then decided to do an evening practice display with their aircraft. The following photo set covers the start up and taxi out of the three Tiger's for the initial display which was followed by a quick debrief by the pilots and then a further display after they decided to change a couple of things in their routine.
The light during the evening was great for photo's so I have included quite few from this set.
Initially the three Tigers were lined up ready for the display while their pilots briefed for the routine.

Then after start up they paused for a couple of minutes for the engines to warm up.

Then with engines warm they taxied out.

They kind of reminded me of a bunch of ducks waddling out as they taxied off.

And a few moments later they were airborne.

They orbited round the airfield getting themselves organised and then passed overhead treating those of us on the ground to the relatively rare sight of three bi-planes in a formation flypast.

A few minutes later they landed and taxied in.

Parked on the ground the evening light was great for photo's.

The pilots then de-briefed the flight and decided to go back up and try a couple of different things.

Back in their aircraft they restarted and prepared for takeoff.
I will stop commenting now and just display the last of the photo's as I think you get the idea.

And so Day 2 came to an end and we headed off back to the unit happiness filled with our day of aviation.