Te Kowhai - 11 Apr 2010

On the 11th of April Murray Lee and myself flew down to Te Kowhai obstensibly for Murray to fly a further hour in the Bantams towards his type rating but also for me to practice my Navigation skills further.

While down there Murrays instructor, Dave Readman, also took me for a fly in the Bantam. These aircraft are manufactured at Te Kowhai and are quite well known in NZ.

Murray and I flew down in Cessna 152 JFY which is operated by the Airline Flying Club out of Ardmore.
She is a bit tired but flys very well. It was a beautiful clear morning although a little cool. It is not quite
autumn yet here in NZ but it is definately starting to cool off in the mornings.

Murray Lee looking very happy about going flying.

It takes about 30 minutes to fly to Te Kowhai and when we got there two Bantam's were sitting on the line.

Murray said I could go first so Dave Readman showed me how to get into the Bantam as it is a bit of an art.

Then it was my turn to have a go at getting into the Bantam, trying hard not to break it.

A bit of breathing in and wriggling about and I was in.

Then Dave got in and we went through the pre start checks.

And with the Rotax fired up we were ready to go.

A quick taxi out out to the end of the runway and we lined up and set off for a couple of quick circuits.
Dave let me fly the circuits and I have to say I was very rusty. The Bantam is however very easy
to fly although quite slow and basically falls out of the sky once the power is pulled.

After my circuits I got out and Murray quickly hopped in.

Murray fits in the Bantam much better than I do.

A quick briefing and Murray and Dave were ready to go. They taxied out to the end of the runway and were soon away.
Murray also did just a few circuits as we were running a bit late as we needed to be back in Auckland by 12:30.
So after Murray had landed and we had paid our bills we jumped back into JFY and headed back to Ardmore.
We were on the ground back at Ardmore by 12 in time for lunch.