Standard KR Specs

                                                 The following are the specs of a standard KR2S as shown on the Rand Robinson web site.                                                     

Length:    16'
Wing Span:    23'
Total Wing Area:    82 sq. ft.
Gross Weight:    980 lbs.
Useful Load:    460 lbs.
Baggage Capacity:    35 lbs.
Take Off Distance:    352 ft.
Landing Distance:    600 ft.
Stall Speed:    52 mph.
Maximum Speed:    200 mph.
Cruise Speed:    180 mph.
Range:    1080 miles.
Rate of Climb (light):    100 fpm.
Rate of Climb (gross):    800 fpm.
Service Ceiling:    15,000 ft.
Engines:    VW 2180.
:    Subaru EA-81.
:    Continental O-200.
Fuel Consumption:    3.8-5.5 gph.
   (depending on engine)
Seating:    2 across.