Useful Links

                                                 The following are some of the links I have visited while I have been researching my KR.                                                    

KR Specific Links

NVearo Site - Sells KR Plans

KRnet Internet List - All things KR

Mark Langfords KR2S build manual

Mark Langfords KR2S opinions

Mark Langfords KR Design History

Darren Crompton's excellent build log

KR Super 2

Jeff Scotts flap mods done on KR2S

Dan RH's Blackbird KR2

Joe Hortons KR2S

Peter Drakes KR2S

Scott Stantons KRNet Member List

Glenda McElwee's Corvair engine build

Ted & Stef's site of Holland based KR's

Gunar Olsen (Norway) with CAD KR pics

Other Related Links

New Zealand Civil Aviation

Sport Aviation Association of NZ

Aircraft Technical Book Company

EAA Chapter 1000 - Technical Articles

EAA Chapter 1000 - How-To Article Index

Darren Crompton's Online AN Bolts Shop